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Welcome to My Friend - My Enemy 


Self harm (sometimes known as self injury or self mutilation) is a frightening issue, for both the individual and for friends and family.  It is hard for those who have never self harmed to understand and accept the motives of those who do.  Hopefully this site will answer some of your questions and provide you with some helpful information. 

To navigate the site, use the panel of links to the left of the screen, and if you wish to return to this page, click on "home".

My Friend - My Enemy provides information on self harm and conditions that are often closely associated with it.  There is information for friends and family of those who self harm, self help tips, guidance for emergency situations.

There is the opportunity to interact with others by using the message board and chat room.  When using the interactive facilities, please be aware that it is not always possible to restrict the access of offensive users who may cause upset and distress.



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I am not a qualified mental health professional.  The information on this site is based on my own knowledge and experience.  Please DO NOT substitute reading this website for getting professional help.  Thanks.