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Personal Stories and Experiences


Author:    Tigereyes


Age:        14

" I want it. In some sick way, I know that I want it. I feel them taking hold of me, wrapping their cool metallic edges around my mind and pulling me into their world. I feel it. I can close my eyes and see them. All of them with their sharp edges waiting deep inside their hiding place; waiting to glisten in the light. I fight it but it's useless because they always win. Still though, I fight it. I try to block them out. No! You won't win! But they call to me. So softly at first, then louder and louder and louder.

"I am a addict. I say this because I am addicted, literally, to razor blades and scissors. I'm attracted to matches and safety pins. An I yearn for the high I feel after cutting. Everyday I crave it. I can feel it in my mind before I even pick up the blade. I can see and smell the blood flowing in tiny streams across my arms or ankles. I can feel the sharp pain that reminds me once again, I am alive.

"It's hard to believe inanimate objects hold such power. But they do. I don't know how they actually gained the power. All I know is that I am totally dependant and reliant on those objects. Without them my mind is convinced I would die; and who knows, maybe I would"

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