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Myths about self harm


bulletSelf harm is a sign of madness

People who self harm are not mad.  Self harmers tend to be people who are suffering a great deal of stress and unhappiness.

bulletSomeone who self harms is a danger to others

Someone who self harms is unlikely to harm anyone else. 

bulletSelf harm is attention seeking

Self harm is not attention seeking. It is the persons way of dealing with difficult emotions.  To them, it may feel like a survival method.

bulletPeople who self harm do not feel the pain

Pain may not be felt at the very moment of the injury, but usually afterwards the pain is quite obvious to them.  Sometimes the sense of relief can cloud the initial sensation of pain.

bulletSelf harm is a suicide attempt gone wrong

Self harm is a way of surviving, keeping alive, managing to function from day to day and coping with difficult issues and emotions. Some self harmers may attempt/commit suicide but that tends to be a separate issue not to be confused with self harm.