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This page contains a selection of books related to self harm and depression.  There is also a link to Chicken Soup for the Soul.  If you wish to purchase one of these books, click on either UK (to buy from or USA (to buy from situated below the author of each book.

"Bodily Harm is an authoritative examination of this alarming syndrome, offering a comprehensive treatment regimen"

Author: Karen Conterio
UK  9.32     USA $11.96  

A BRIGHT RED SCREAM A book to provide both hope and help to people who

Author: Marilee Strong
UK 7.99   USA  $11.20

depression workbook Interactive exercises teach essential coping skills such as
building a strong support system, bolstering self-esteem, fighting negative
thoughts, finding appropriate professional help, and using relaxation and

Author: Mary Ellen Copeland
UK 16.99  USA 13.96


A motivational book, with heart warming stories.  A hopeful, positive book.  Good, light hearted reading.

Author: J. Canfield
UK 4.79  USA 4.95

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body"    

Richard Steele