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Stories of Hope

End in Sight

bulletAuthor:    Sonya
bulletAge:        18


Hi, I've self injured since I was 14 years old. I mainly did it because I have a huge problem with dealing with my emotions. I can't handle them like a "normal" person can. I kept my self injury a secret until one day, I just couldn't keep it in any longer, and I had to confess to my parents that I was depressed and needed help. I've now been going to therapy and am on medication. Although its not easy, I feel I have more control over my self injury. I do cut sometimes, or feel the need to cut, but I've now learned new things to help me in those times. I've learned to see that I am not alone in my fight with this. I know there is an end in sight, although I haven't stopped completely, I know one day, I will be self injury free.