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Stories of Hope

It's Good to Talk


bulletAuthor:    Becky
bulletAge:        15


I started cutting myself when I was 13.

I was bullied a lot in primary school and my Dad (although I still live with him) never talks to me. These were the main triggers.  I saw cutting on one of my brothers films and since that day I have cut myself.  I have also tried committing suicide about three times.

I never told anyone about this until about 2 months ago.  In drama we are doing a production on self-mutilation and I kept breaking down into tears.  I finally told my friend and she has been helping me through it.

The cuts are not as deep as they used to be.  I have also limited to cutting myself three times a week where it used to be every day.

Although I am still cutting I would like to hope that one day I will be able to stop fully.  Although the scars will always be there I will know that people love me and will always want me to live.

The best thing is to talk (cliché I know but it works)

Good luck everyone and always look to the future